RotoGuru Merchandise from

RotoGuru has affiliated with to provide RotoGuru-branded merchandise. Currently available products include shirts (T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops), mugs, tote bags, boxer shorts, caps, hats, and mousepads - in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

Basic design:
The basic design for shirts has just the simple RotoGuru logo on the upper front of the shirt, with a plain back. Mugs and mousepads have the same logo.

Design #1:
This design features the "intelligent life form" slogan on the center front of shirts, with a plain back. This same slogan is also available on mugs and mousepads.

Design #2:
This design combines the previous two images. The basic logo appears on the upper front of the shirts, with the "intelligent life form" slogan on the upper back.

You can see more product details, including sample images with approximate image placements, by clicking on the product information links in the order form. I have personally ordered a shirt, mug, and mousepad, and the product representations on the CafePress pages bear a good likeness to the actual products. Further, the product quality seems good, and the service was excellent.

These products are offered as a means to generate supplemental revenue to support the continued free availability of Each product is priced to include a margin ranging from $3-$6, depending on the product type and the overall volume of products ordered. All processing, including manufacturing and shipping, is handled exclusively by CafePress. RotoGuru just gets a check each month based on the total sales for that month.

To view the products and to place an order, click here to enter the CafePress RotoGuru Store

Additional designs will be available over time. If you have a design to suggest, or an image to offer, please send an email to Guru for more details on how to get your idea implemented.